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The Conundrum Story

“What made you want to start an escape room?”

If only we had a nickel for every time that question is asked! It is a great story though, and honestly one we never get tired of telling.

It was a lovely October day back in 2015, our owners, Hanna and Chris Pierce, were on an impromptu weekend visit with friends in Boulder, CO. It was one of those days where you are looking for something to do as a group, but just don’t know what.

Strolling down Pearl Street the crew stumbled across a sign that said Escape Room and gave a phone number. Hanna has always been rather curious so she decided to call the number. The rest is history.  We were a little apprehensive at first but decided to give it a try anyway.


Not only did we not escape (barely… two more minutes and we had it!) but we hadn’t had any drinks and were talking about how cool it was for the next 3 hours.  Hanna was so blown away by that Escape Room experience that she just knew Durango needed one.

The name Conundrum Escape Rooms was Chris’s idea. Wanting to keep it local but also incorporate a word meaning puzzle, Conundrum was the perfect fit. Conundrum Peak is one of the classic 14,000-foot mountains in Colorado. Next came the logo which has a special story in the hearts of Chris and Hanna. The teeth in the key is a stylized version of the Needles Mountains Range just north of Durango. Not only is it a striking mountain range to look at but there is also a hike to a lake which is the first place Hanna told Chris she loved him when they were dating.


Within 6 months Conundrum Escape Rooms opened and 736 Main Ave, on June 10th, 2016. 

The Mission: Bring people together in a way that we are missing in our society. Surrounded by technology and screens humanity has a tendency to be disconnected from the people closest to them. So our company’s goal is to reconnect you by removing the devices and having you work your way through challenges to solve a story together. The reactions customers have to their experience with us is what drives the company. To see people genuinely having a good time, no matter the age difference or background, while working through a problem takes us back to our human need for interaction.