Board games are expensive! Try it before you buy it for $5!

Board games might be one of our favorite ways to disconnect from our devices and connect with each other!

Whether you are visiting for vacation or one of the lucky few to call Durango home, our Board Game Rentals can be exactly what you need to continue connecting with your kids, partner or close friends.


  1. Come in and browse our selection of over 75 games!
  2. Pick one you like or ask our game geeks for a suggestion!
  3. Check out the game for up 7 days for $5.
  4. Return it.
Top Party Games offered in store.
Conundrum's Board Game Rentals


  • For every 4 games rented receive your 5th rental free!
  • Decide you want to buy it after you rented?- We will take $5 off the price when you buy the game!

Who can rent our board games?

Anyone is more than welcome to rent from our extensive board game collection.  We work to carry games that are new for people to play.  Clue, Monopoly, Risk, and Sorry (although awesome classics) are a little old and many people are amazed to find out what amazing new games are out there that don’t actually end with your Nephew flipping the Monopoly board in Grandma’s face after playing for 4 hours.  Here are a few of the categories of games that we carry in our library!

  • Family-Friendly– These games have varying age levels and family appropriate themes.
  • Party Games– Party Games can make you gasp in shock or belly laugh hysterically for several hours.  Who needs to go to the gym when you can laugh your way to a six-pack.  Word of warning though, these games can be less family appropriate and politically incorrect at times.
  • Co-operative– These games are awesome for those groups of people who can be a little too competitive at times since the primary objective is to beat the board.  Either everyone wins, or they all lose.
  • Strategy Games– Settlers of Catan is fast becoming the classic Modern Strategy game but there are plenty of others on the market too.  Modern Strategy games offer a mix of random luck with dice or cards, and typically offer a great level of re-playability.  These can be addicting very quickly!

Not sure what Game is best for you?

No problem!  Just chat with one of our friendly staff members and they can help you pick something out you’ll love!

Prefer to own your games?