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Complete this mission or be executed! | Escape Rate: 35%

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2 Players
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5 Players
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8 Players

Appease the King before it’s too late…

Be transported back to medieval times! You are but a peaceable citizen living under the auspices of King Alfred the Great. However, news has broken that the king’s family crests have gone missing. You are arrested under the suspicion of having stolen these prized possessions. You must prove your innocence! 

Locked up in the king’s dungeon, you and your falsely accused compatriots must find the crests or be executed within the hour. Help each other achieve the objective and appease the furious King Alfred before it’s too late. 

For this challenge, your group can include up to eight participants. All participants must be 15 years old or older. Ages 8-14 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Will you rise to the occasion and find the crests? Only time will tell. Book your Medieval Breakout experience today!