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Colorado Puzzle Challenge

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The Leadville area was first settled in 1859 when placer gold was discovered by Abe Lee in California Gulch during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Within the year, thousands of miners descended on California Gulch, working 400 claims and pulling out 55,000 ounces of gold worth $91 million by today’s standards. By 1866, after a total of 8,000 prospectors had come to mine California Gulch and nearly all gold deposits had been depleted, the short-lived gold boom ended, leaving the area to fall into economic hardship. Leadville managed to avoid the fate many gold rush towns were destined for. It was discovered that silver was in the black sand deposits of the area, this discovery allowed Leadville to continue as a community and is a historic Colorado mountain town you can visit today. Many great historic buildings can be found and toured in Leadville. The Healy House is now a museum that will transport you into the past.

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