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Our mission is to provide engaging, human experiences, through Escape Rooms, Board Games, and Brain Teasers!

We are Open!

In order for us to be compliant with the city and state COVID-19 requirements, we have implemented the following changes:

  • All Reservations are Private and group sizes are small
  • Reservations have been reduced to keep teams from crossing paths
  • All Customers must wear a mask to participate
  • Customers will be asked to wash and or sanitize their hands upon arrival
  • All rooms are being thoroughly cleaned between each use
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Escape rooms are a live-action, interactive mystery experience where you and your team work together to solve your way through the challenges of the game theme in order to accomplish the overall goal of the story.  It can be a bit like a real-life game of clue. The catch? You only have 60 minutes to Escape the Room! 


In addition to the Escape Rooms, Conundrum offers a wide range of board games and brain teasers.  Plus, if you are one of the select few to escape our challenging Escape Rooms, you get 10% off any retail! New to modern board games? No problem! Check out our awesome board game rental program where you can try before you buy!


One of the most fun things I've ever done!

We just went to Conundrum tonight and had a great time! Emily was really friendly and welcoming. The room was really well designed and the care and planning put into the puzzles showed, and was plenty of a challenge for us! This was a lot of fun for our family and we will definitely do it again! Thanks for a great night!

– Erin T., TripAdvisor
A great time

We just went to Conundrum tonight and had a great time! Emily was really friendly and welcoming. The room was really well designed and the care and planning put into the puzzles showed, and was plenty of a challenge for us! This was a lot of fun for our family and we will definitely do it again! Thanks for a great night!

– Blake D., TripAdvisor
Great time!

Had a blast at Conundrum, Dennis' enthusiasm was contagious and he did a great job setting the scene for us. We were Alfred the Great's prisoners and our surroundings definitely made us feel like it! Totally immersive experience, and even though we finally got out, it was definitely a challenge.

– Duncan S., TripAdvisor
Fantastic Room!!

You don’t expect to find a beautiful escape room experience in a small town. We did the Return of Frankenstein room and it was FANTASTIC. From the small details, to the atmospheric ambience. It was a BLAST. Fantastic staff.

– Brooke C., TripAdvisor
What fun!!

This was our first time and it was so bot what we expected. It was so much more fun than thought at first! The staff was super helpful and had a great attitude and atmosphere. We we’ll definitely be going back soon! Thank you Conundrum!

– Georgia G., TripAdvisor

Every time my family visits, this is where I take them. We love the details, surpises, and creativity that the owners have put into their escape rooms. Be prepared to work together, and use the clues collectively to find the escape. My mom has been to other escape rooms, and this is her favorite because of the detail and fun put into each room. Its not just a room with props, you really live through the story of the escape. You wont be disappointed!

– Laura C., TripAdvisor
Awesome family fun!!

Dr. Frankenstein's got nothing on us! We had a great time escaping from the doctor's lab. The room had cool decor and fun puzzles to solve. The lighting was a little dark making it hard to see a few locks, but all in all we had a great time!!

– Beth H., TripAdvisor
Great Escape from the Cold and Dreary Weather

We had no idea what an Escape Room was- the staff were really friendly and explained everything! Once in the room, our family started out a little disjointed, but it was really fun to spend the time together solving the clues and working together- all great minds think a like and we solved the clues with 9 minutes to spare. What a great thing for our whole family to do TOGETHER and WITHOUT cell phones!

– Kathleen M., TripAdvisor
It was GREAT!!!

First time in an escape was GREAT!!! My daughter and grandson went in with me and it took us almost the full hour to escape. Most fun I have had in a long time. The staff are so very friendly and courteous, and take time to explain everything to you before you start. The logical progression of clues is extremely well developed and the level of difficulty is quite challenging, yet not dismaying.

– Richard F., Yelp
So much fun

We had never been to an escape room. I was nervous not knowing if it would be scary or not. This is not scary. We had so much fun. Staff is great. I can't wait to go back. I went with my family. We found this place from a flyer in a restaurant. You will enjoy it. I cannot say enough good things about it.

– Melissa G., Yelp


Not many people know this, but the owners, Chris and Hanna Pierce did not escape their first Escape Room!  Regardless they loved it so much that they decided to bring the amazing experience to Durango, CO so that they could complement all the great activities in the area. Learn more about their story here

This free guide is what they have developed for their own strategy when trying new rooms.  Get your copy today so that you can escape.  

I escaped, can you?


Team at Storefront


Conundrum offers three immersive escape room experiences in Durango that provide a fun and challenging adventure. Our retail store also hosts a great variety of board games and tinker toys. We also offer board game rentals, a great way to check out your favorite games or get to try out new games before purchasing them for yourself. An exciting activity for families, corporate team building, friends, and parties, Conundrum is the best indoor adventure in Durango. Come test your deductive skills and team work!

Hours of operation:

Thursday – Monday 11:00a – 8:00p,
Tuesday & Wednesday the store is closed but a reservation can be made over the phone

Holiday Hours

Open Every day from December 19th to January 6th from 11:00a-9:00p.
Christmas Eve, we will be open from 11:00a-6:00p.
Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day we will be open from 11:00a-9:00p.

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